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How do the cashback websites make money?

How do the cashback websites make money?

Cashback sites are a simple idea. Instead of going directly to a shop, you access a retailer’s online store through a link from a cashback website.

You still receive your item directly from the retailer, but you also get some money from the cashback website.

It is often a percentage of the total price you paid.

The sites have links to retailers of everything from groceries and toiletries, to insurance policies and broadband deals.

One such site i can tell you about is Shopgetmore as i came across it just a few days ago and found it really very genuine and profitable one then the others.

The question is how does it really earn money. It may often seem as a truck or spam but its not.

1- You need to Visit Online retailer site via Shopgetmore :- CashBack will be activated and transact on Amazon and other shopping websites like you always do.

2- Amazon and other websites pays the fees to shopgetmore for driving them sales.

3- shopgetmore keeps a part of this commission and pays you back the rest.

4- Cashback will be transferred to you after return period is over.

This is how these websites earn money.

Here is the online handle of Shopgetmore- Amazon :- “https://shopgetmore.com/store/amazon”

Shopgetmore has highly rewarding refer and earn program where a referrer earns 10% of his refferal earnings for life.

There are many other websites also that his referral’s earnings for life but i found this one the best. For ex: IF your referral earns Rs 10000 as cashback per year, you earn Rs 1000 from the same, if you have 10 friends earning that much cashback, you get to earn Rs 10000 per year. This can also serve as passive income also to people. you cashbacks in a similar eay but i found this one the best among them.

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